Data Analysis

1 Categorical Variable, Single Group
1 Categorical Variable, Multiple Groups
2 Categorical Variables
1 Quantitative Variable, Single Group (also collaborative)
1 Quantitative Variable, Multiple Groups (also collaborative)
2 Quantitative Variables (also collaborative)
Multiple Regression


Normal Distributions
Discrete Random Variables
Binomial Distributions
Poisson Distributions
Counting Methods
t Distributions
χ2 Distributions
F Distributions


The Idea of Probability
Law of Large Numbers
Simulating Sampling Distributions
Simulating Confidence Intervals
Logic of Significance Testing


Can You Smell Parkinson's?
Hiring Discrimination
Guess the Correlation
Does Beyoncé Write Her Own Lyrics?
How Much do Fans Like Justin Timberlake? Part 1
How Much do Fans Like Justin Timberlake? Part 2
Sampling Sunflowers
Is Mrs. Gallas a Good Free Throw Shooter?
M&M's/Skittles/Froot Loops
Old Faithful

Applet Color, Rounding, and Percent/Proportion Preferences
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For simulation-based and traditional inference methods, choose the appropriate data type from the Data Analysis menu above.

Textbook Resources

Resources for Introductory Statistics: A Student-Centered Approach
Applets for Statistical Reasoning in Sports 2/e
Applets for Statistical Reasoning in Sports 1/e
Applets for Statistics and Probability with Applications 4/e
Applets for The Practice of Statistics 6/e

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