Data Analysis

1 Categorical Variable, Single Group
1 Categorical Variable, Multiple Groups
2 Categorical Variables
1 Quantitative Variable, Single Group
1 Quantitative Variable, Multiple Groups
2 Quantitative Variables
Multiple Regression

Normal Distributions and Probability

Normal Distributions
Discrete Random Variables
Binomial Distributions
Counting Methods

Simulation-Based Inference

Testing a percentage/proportion/count
Testing a difference in percentages/proportions
Testing a difference in means
Testing a difference in medians
Testing a mean difference
Testing a difference in standard deviations
Estimating a percentage/proportion
Estimating a mean
Testing a correlation
Testing a slope

Traditional Inference

One sample z interval for a proportion
One sample z test for a proportion
Two sample z interval for proportions
Two sample z test for proportions
One sample t interval for a mean
One sample t test for a mean
Two sample t interval for means
Two sample t test for means
Linear regression t interval
Linear regression t test
Chi-square goodness of fit
Chi-square homogeneity
Chi-square independence

Applet Color, Rounding, and Percent/Proportion Preferences
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