Which color distribution are you comparing to?

For a more detailed discussion, see the description in The Practice of Statistics, Statistics and Probability with Applications, Introductory Statistics: A Student-Centered Approach, or the free Stats Medic lesson plans for Day 1 and Day 2 of this activity.

Enter the observed counts for your sample in the table below and press Begin Analysis.


Generate a random sample of size n = from the claimed distribution.

Color Name Count

To see if the observed chi-square statistic is unusual, let’s perform a simulation!

Pressing the “Simulate” button generates the requested number of random samples of the same size as the original sample, taken from a population that matches the claimed distribution. Then, the distribution of color in the simulated sample is displayed, and the value of the chi-square test statistic for each sample is calculated and graphed on the dotplot.

Simulate sample(s) and add to the dotplot.
The most recent sample's color distribution and χ2 value will be displayed.

Total number of simulated samples:
Plot approximate χ2 density curve
Count the number and percent of dots

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