SRiS Applets

The following applets have been converted from the early Java versions to use modern browser features. They appear to work very well with the latest versions of IE (9+), Chrome (desktop and mobile), Firefox and Opera, on both desktop and mobile. File saving does not work on Safari, but all else should. Many features do not work on IE 8 or earlier; if you are on one of these early browsers, please consider upgrading to a modern browser to make full use of the software.

Proportion/Number of Successes Given ABILITY [Chapter 1]
Difference in Proportions [Chapter 2]
Streaks [Chapter 3]
Difference in Means or Medians [Chapter 5]
Mean Difference (Paired Data) [Chapter 6]
Difference in Standard Deviations [Chapter 7]
Correlation and Regression [Chapters 10/11]

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